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1. Be sure to set realistic goals

2. Tackle one area, one room or one routine at a time

3. Do a little every day to make sure things don’t get out of hand

4. Block time off on your calendar daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to get different areas organized

5. When decluttering and organizing, everything NEEDS a home

6. Be sure to sort and organize like items, this will save time when you’re looking for something

7. When organizing, make sure to put things where they’re easily accessible in the areas that you use it.

8. Maximize the entire space of a room, closet or any area your organizing.

9. Use furniture that is versatile such as a storage ottoman, media storage, dressers, etc.

10. Be sure you create zones.

I always start with five boxes when decluttering:

Relocate, Keep, Toss, Donate and Sell







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